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The LatinCALL Association invita a segundo webinar gratuito el 8 de octubre


The LatinCALL association welcomes you to our second free webinar, “Sharing Latin America with the World and the World with Latin America – The International Virtual Exchange Project”.

This webinar will demonstrate the importance of interculturalism within foreign language learning, in addition to noting how the development of digital literacies for global citizenship can be gained from participation in Virtual Exchange (VE). Language teachers’ and students’ experiences with one such VE, the International Virtual Exchange Project (IVEProject), will be shared. Research showing the benefits and reflections upon participation in the IVEProject will be shown too. International education is a key word for many in Latin America now. This webinar will showcase some of what that means.

Please join us on October 8th, 2021, at 4 pm Chile time, UTC 19:00. Specific times for various parts of the world are shown in the poster.

Please register for our free webinar here:

For more information on the IVEProject, join us at the webinar and read ahead in the IVEProject website:

Thank you for your support of LatinCALL and we’ll see you at the webinar!

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